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Posted on Wrz 23, 2008 by in Bez kategorii | 0 comments

Lipinski Sound Corporation was created based on Polish inventions and technology developed by Andrew Lipinski, famous sound engineer and CEO of this company.  The recording systems, based on Polish Blue Laser technology together with „delivery equipment” which was developed by Mr. Lipinski and has won many first prizes in international ratings, result in the best music systems of the 21st century, according to the Director of our Foundation „Poland – the Future”, which promotes Polish achievements in the fields of culture, music, education and technology. The Director of the Foundation, Mark Krawczynski (Polish/Australian architect and pianist), believes that national and international promotion of our most recent Polish achievements in these areas is essential for Polish youth to gain confidence in their own abilities and to start seeing their own country in a more positive light in terms of future prospects and career opportunities.

Lipinski Sound Corporation is currently setting up production and recording facilities in Poland to market Polish products and musical culture to the world. To support these initiatives, Mr. Krawczynski invited the Ambassador of Japan, H.E. Ryuichi Tanabe and his family to a specially built sound studio to experience the marvels of the new Lipinski music technology by listening to a few of the already-made recordings. Sony Corporation has assisted with this installation, as a result of introductions initiated by the Japanese Embassy. Mr. Krawczynski is convinced that promotion of such joint start-up exercises, with Polish experts taking the lead, is essential in developing Polish identity and confidence as an international leader in many of the world’s latest technological developments.

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