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Villa Karisse plays host to the Canadian Ambassador and her husband

Posted on Lip 25, 2014 by in Bez kategorii |

In its continuing mission to promote art and culture of Poland to international guests, under the title of “Through Each other’s Eyes”, the management of VK presented artworks of Polish and Hungarian artists to the Ambassador of Canada H.E. Alexandra Bugailiskis and her husband as well as the father of the Ambassador, who all visited our Villa Karisse galleries in Izabelin in July 2014.
On the same afternoon we also presented in Villa Karisse a short film about sustainable building and a revolutionary new project prepared by international designers under the direction of our “Polska Przyszlosc” Foundation. It is called Elemental Flow Towers.
This was followed by inspiring cultural and technical discussions while light refreshments were served followed by a stroll through the sculpture gardens.
There was so much excitement and dynamic talk that no photographs were not taken on the day. However we allowed ourselves to later take a photo of the lovely words which the Ambassador wrote in our visitors book at the end of the visit.