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VILLA KARISSE February Cultural Event – Chopin through Latin American Eyes and Paintings of South America by Polish Artists

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Another very successful cultural experience took place at this elegant gallery complex on Sunday  16-2-2014.

Ambassadors from 6 countries as well as the Wojt of Iazbelin, Mr. Witold Malarowski and many business people and cultural leaders from both  Poland and overseas, spent an event-filled evening where Polish artists and their creativity were presented and promoted in a multitude of forms.

A short film about Chopin gave a wonderful background to the very specific cultural flavours of Poland. This international film was narrated by the famous British Shakespearean actor Simon Callow. The Director of Villa Karisse Galleries, Mark Krawczynski, gave a brief introduction to this very beautiful creation about the wonders of Warsaw and its musical hero.

There was then a brief discussion about the background to this film, while guests were also able to stroll and peruse the over eight unique sculptures and 50 original paintings  by Polish artists like Aneta Jazwinska, Anna Kossakowska, Jacek Maslankiewicz and Grzegorz Kalinowski among others in the 3 salons of the gallery.

This included special guided tours to the adjacent building called The Studio where a unique new sculpture called “The Wing of Freedom” created in white Carrara marble by young Polish creator Wojciech Pustola, was specially presented in a stark, minimalist setting, in juxtaposition with the 4 highly expressive works of resident artist Kuba Janyst. His monumental expressionism style has been very popular with art lovers over the last 7 months since the Villa Karisse Galleries first opened in the middle of 2013.

We also had the pleasure to invite famous Polish pianist Rafal Luszczewski to talk about his International Chopin Competitions which he organized in Lima in Peru in 2011 and 2013. Three years ago this competition was won by a young Chilean pianist Priscila Navarro who later also played in Poland and last year a Brazilian 16 year old pianist was the laurate of the first prize.

The Ambassadors of both these countries were present and able to hear again about the achievements and further development of both these artists.

We also had the honour to hear in Spanish from a highly regarded Polish professor, Dr. Tadeusz Iwinski, who worked for many years in Mexico. He specially brought a unique creation which he had obtained from Mexican Indians known as the Huicholes, which showed various cultural icons of this indigenous group. They were created in special coloured string on a resin background and caused much debate among the guests about the origin of this type of special art which is known as Dechilo.

Guests were able to enjoy light delicacies throughout the evening while in the background there were echoes of fine music from various parts of Latin America. Many who were unable to attend on the evening because of holidays or work commitments wanted a repeat visit to be organized. Management will consider a possible repeat visit for selected guests and for those interested in this or in the purchase of any of the fine artworks, please ring me on +48 500 58 52 41 to arrange such a special visit. We will always be happy to oblige any such requests.

Thank you to everyone for sharing this special evening with us and for helping to build better international understanding through art and cultural appreciation. This is the one of the founding principles of our Foundation “Poland the Future” and of the Villa Karisse Gallery Complex.

Mark Krawczynski

Director of Villa Karisse Galleries and Foundation “Polska Przyszlosc”

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