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SASKA KĘPA – Centrum Promocji Kultury

Posted on Sty 12, 2015 by in Bez kategorii |


Our Foundation „Polska Przyszlosc” (Poland the Future) promotes the creation of a more positive

identity for Poland. Within this mission we present many lectures and films about how this can be


At the start of 2015, our Foudation President, Mark Krawczynksi presented, at the Cultural Centre, his special 47 mniute film about the biggest architecural project in the history of the world, which is the rebuilding of Warsaw after WWII. As an architect Mr. Krawczynski knows well that the destruction of over 15,000 in Warsaw was nearly 4 times larger than the devastation of Hiroshima in Japan. That is why he made an isnpiring film about the amazing rebuilding of this city, called „Out of the Ashes – Warsaw Story” („Jak Feniks z Popiołow”).

The projection was followed by a lecture in Polish about the signifance of this incredible reconstruction project for the national identity of Poland. Many questions and a dynamic and very positive debate concluded the more than 2 hour total presentation.