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Posted on Kwi 11, 2018 by in Bez kategorii |

Poland will benefit greatly from promotion and image building.


The country is developing at a very good rate but many of its achievements are not published outside of Poland. Even within its own borders the media is usually focusing on tragedies and disasters because there is a questionable belief that this sells more newspapers and TV programs. Poland does not yet have a success mentality. (Compare this to Australia for example where most of the people have positive mind-sets and the media does its best to present mainly optimistic stories about success. Australian media sales figures suggest that this is giving better results.)


When a society feels successful and its members more self-realised, they appreciate more their fellow human beings and become more socially responsible and kind to each other. NGO’s and even government institutions in Poland should therefore focus more on inspiring and motivating their citizens to create a more homogenous and creative society which does not feel frustrated and overwhelmed by tragedies or excessive and restrictive regulations. People then work better together and are more productive. In addition they feel happier and less frustrated and there is less time wasted on excessive arguing.


Mark Krawczynski is frequently involved in promoting Poland and in creating positive mind-sets in a country which was frustrated by foreign occupations, invasions and military conflicts for over 250 years until 1989.


On 22-23 March 2018 at a conference and exhibition in Lodz, Mark Krawczynski made a presentation to leaders of the furniture industry from all over Poland about the many benefits of building a more positive image and creating our own, high quality trademark. Poland is one of the biggest furniture manufacturers in the world with over 40bln zl of products being made every year. However much of this is sold under famous trademarks by overseas companies and Poland is therefore missing out on a potential additional 10 to 15 bln zlotych for itself if it sold these products under its own, high quality trademark..


Building local confidence and a stronger international trademark has many benefits for Poland. Our Director used many overseas examples in his presentation, illustrating this with stories from Australia and Japan and other nations which have developed a strong international identity.


Additionally making Polish youth feel  more confident about Poland and their future here might reduce the brain drain which we have experienced over many years. Some Poles overseas are already starting to return and we need to encourage such confidence in our country. We already have great infrastructure and many new enterprises.


Every overseas tourist who visits Poland is most impressed by our progress and new lifestyle and we as Poles should feel the same positive energy and be inspired to work together to become even better in the nearest possible future.