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Posted on Kwi 24, 2020 by in Bez kategorii |

During the Coronavirus Pandemic our Foundation could not present live lectures for the sake of health and safety of everyone.

But we continue our educational events via the Internet using such meeting platforms as Zoom.

On 30 March, Mark Krawczynski, Director of the foundation, presented to a group of 22 young entrepreneurs and business professionals a lecture about new developments in sustainability and clean energy. There are over 7 million people dying each year because of air pollution alone and tens of millions more are being treated in hospitals for preventable lung, circulatory and related illnesses.

The pollution in our environment is proven to be progressively reducing humanity’s resistance to viruses and bacteria. So real solutions to improve the quality of our environment are urgently needed.

Clean energy generation is now very important in order to improve air quality and the health of nearly 5 billion people who now reside in cities around the world.

Most people are not aware that Poland is now one of the most advanced countries in the field of renewable technologies for electricity production. With cities being responsible for nearly 50% of the man-made pollution on this planet, Poland could be seen as a leader in saving humanity’s health and well -being because many of these clean energy systems are either made in Poland for overseas companies  or were invented by Polish scientists who have had little training or support to break thru with their own inventions.

The lecture given by our Director illustrated many examples of these technologies and also showed how we could better promote and develop these systems and become an example for the world to follow.