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28 lutego 2018r. na międzynarodowej konferencji w Coventry (Wielka Brytania) na temat budowania pokoju, Dyrektor Fundacji „Polska Przyszłość” Mark Krawczynski  zaprezentował wykład o Warszawie razem z krótkim filmem o odbudowie naszej stolicy po spustoszeniach w czasie II Wojny Światowej,  prawie 4 razy większych niż w Hiroszimie.

Wśród ponad 250 gości z kilkunastu krajów świata, zainteresowanie naszym krajem i jego stolicą było ogromne.

Poniżej tekst, który Mark Krawczyński zaprezentował po angielsku w ciągu tej konferencji. Brał również udział w panelu dyskusyjnym o budowaniu pokoju razem z trzema innymi ekspertami z Wielkiej Brytanii i USA. Rozdał też wiele broszur i filmów o naszej stolicy.


(IN COVENTRY)….. quote. „I would now like to refer you to the brochures about Warsaw which were lying on your seats. PLEASE LOOK ON THE BACK PAGE – BULLET POINTS. During World War II Warsaw was destroyed almost totally with more than 15,000 buildings demolished. The loss of property and life was almost 4 times larger than Hiroshima. NOW PLEASE OPEN THE CENTRAL SECTION.

As Paul Harris once said: The Power of combined effort has no limitation. As an architect I can tell you that Warsaw was the greatest rebuilding project in the history of humanity. Not just the buildings themselves but also the whole social fabric had to be reconstructed from among the 40 bln cubic meters of rubble.  Yet the people of Poland came together and created a miracle with their bare hands when they rebuilt this whole city with at first no electricity, no equipment, no materials and no funds from the Marshall Plan.

This amazing project was so inspiring that a personal recounting of this huge reconstruction was created into a very moving film which has already served as an inspiration to many people around the world. Now it can help many other countries devastated by wars or natural disasters, to come together and rebuild their societies and their cities.

The “Out of the Ashes – Warsaw Story” film will help countries to regain their confidence and start seeing a positive future. It should even help to reduce the flow of refugees from countries whose spirit and dreams of hope for the future need to be restored back at home over a period of time.

By showing this film and giving lectures about personal recovery and motivation, we will inspire Rotarians from all over the world  to come together and work at creating positive mindsets, reconstructing their societies and BUILDING PEACE IN THEIR COUNTRIES. The film inspires a feeling of mutual respect and reconciliation and motivates everyone to work together. When Warsaw one day hosts the RI Convention, we will also run interactive SOLIDARITY INTEGRATION GAMES to develop the skills of people from different cultures to work together towards a common goal. With this we as Rotarians in Warsaw will demonstrate to the world that “We can build peace if we all work together”

I now wish to invite all of you to visit Warsaw and feel re-born when you fall in love with this amazing city. Please look again at the centre of your brochures – the city was an endless sea of ruins in 1945 and now it is fully rebuilt and full of new energy and passion for building peace and being an example for the world.” unquote