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Project Defining European Cultural Identity at VK

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This new project aims to strengthen and define the identity of Europe as a unified cultural entity made up of unique but inter-related ethnic and artistic sub-groupings with a common thread.

The aims are:

1.       To focus the thinking of European nations on their cultural integration and cohesion and help define the reasons for their unifying qualities through defining their cultural roots.

2.       To strengthen the role of Europe as unified cultural entity in the world and as a leader in cultural development both in the present day and over past centuries.

The methods will include:

1.       Cultural events as well as art exhibitions and workshops linked by a common theme titled “Looking thru Each Other’s Eyes”

2.       Discussion panels focusing on cultural features and future aspirations of European nations. This could be live-streamed with other institutions throughout Europe.

3.       Joint cultural, music and art workshops to which other nations of the world may be invited to demonstrate the special qualities of European culture as compared with those of nations outside of the European Union. This will create a more cohesive and visible identity for the European Union. It will also create better understanding between the cultures of Europe and the other nations of the world.

Programme start:

1.       Many cultural institutions in Europe have already indicated an interest in partaking in such an integration project. Polish artists unions, as well as cultural groups in Germany, France and Ireland have made contact with our Foundation and are looking for leadership in developing the project.

2.       At the inauguration of the Foundation’s activities in their new Villa Karisse premises throughout June 2013, the representatives of 14 nations took part in the first art exhibition and cultural activities which were hosted by the then European Union president nation of Ireland, as part of Irish Bloomsday celebrations.

3.       Nations outside of Europe such as Thailand, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, Chile, Argentina, Columbia, Mexico and Peru also attended and showed an interest in taking part in future cultural events which would develop better international understanding thru art and culture.

4.       An art exhibition on the 2 inauguration days included uniquely different cultural expressions from Ireland, Thailand, Australia, France and Poland. This was combined with a joint painting workshop by artists from Poland and Thailand who worked side by side, learning from each other and creating uniquely different artistic forms. Tours of other Warsaw galleries over the next 2 weeks increased even more the appreciation of each country’s artistic uniqueness. 

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