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Our Foundation’s cultural integration program brings great results.

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„Through Each Other’s Eyes” was a theme initiated by Foundation President Mark Krawczynski with his wife Ewa and her son Kacper.

Last year the first in a series of art exhibitions and workshops was held at our Villa Karisse Galleries, to build cultural bridges between Poland and the world thru art. A mutual understanding between cultures is essential to world peace and harmonious relations between nations. It also improves the image and confidence of our artists both locally and overseas.

Our Foundation President has lectured on this theme many times in the past and last night was the culmination of the first year of this ongoing cultural exchange program. Artists form Thailand visited Villa Karisse again this year in June and painted side by side with Polish artists our beautiful landscapes around Izabelin and within thre giant Kampinos National Park. After a welcome dinner at Villa Karisse on Sunday night (see earlier article), a joint exhibition was held in the city with the Polish Arists Association and sponsored by the Thai Embassay and the Polish Ministry of Culture. In the presence of Ambassadors from many countries, including China and Ireland, the introductory speeches were held in an atmosphere of mutual enthusiasm and apreciation.

The Thai Ambasador spoke about peace and understanding and the ZPAP president welcomed everyone very cordially. Mark Krawczynski then gave a moving speech about why art and culture are so important in developing better understanding because there are no language barriers when you speak through each other’s art. The dynamic opening night was well attended and will now be followed by a future visit of our Polish artists to Thailand where Polish landscapes painted by painters from both countries will once again make Poland more visible to the world and strengthen our national image as an important centre of dynamic but sensitive cultural experession.