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Our Foundation Director helps to promote Polish achievements and build cultural bridges

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On Saturday afternoon 26-7-2014 at the beautiful Palac in Łochów, the Directors of „Fundacja Leny Grochowskiej” held a delightful art exhbition which culminated a 2 week artists residency and workshop for more than a dozen Polish artists who presented their works in support of the Foundation. Attending and training under the supervision of our established Polish artists was also a group of young children from Lithuania and Ukraine who additionaly performed a charming dance routine in front of the very enthusiastic audience.

The beautifully restored buildings and landsacped grounds of this wonderful palace complex served as another wonderful example of how Poland has blossomed both artistically and culturally over the last 10 years. Our Director Mark Krawczynski and wife Ewa attended these enchanting events after being honoured with an invitation from 2 of the visiting artists, Aneta Jazwinska amd Grzegorz Kalinwoski. They met and spoke with the charming owners of the Łochów Palace, who are both actively involved in helping many sectors of society and in developing many fine projects which focus not only on Polish art but also on restoring our many fine historical building complexes.

Mark Krawczynski also introduced the owners of the Łochów Palace to the Ambassador of Slovenia, H. E. Marjan Setinc and his wife Martha. These special international guests were most impressed with not only the very warm hospitality (not to mention the very sunny weather) and the diversity of the artworks, but also with the beautifully detailed buildings, landsacped gardens and the sculptural circle of giant statues of famous Polish literary figures on the island in the lake. A tour of this high class complex and the fine catering were also greatly appreciated by the whole group.

This interaction with guests from abroad will hopefully be able to be repeated in the future. Mark Krawczynski believes that such events make Poland at last a most deserving member of the international cultural community and will help to build bridges of understaning and appreciation not only in art but also in cultural exchange projects and support.

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