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Posted on Gru 18, 2017 by in Bez kategorii |

Young directors of start-up businesses and leaders of local government institutions are becoming highly active and very visible in Poland. At a recent conference at Warsaw’s Novotel Centrum Hotel titled “Warsaw Economic Hub” Director of the Foundation „Poland the Future”, Mark Krawczynski spoke about the many benefits which Poland and its capital city offer the world in terms of infrastructure and the hosting of large world events.

We have to focus on showing our many attributes to the fullest in the most dynamic way for the world to take notice of us. This is a gradual process of building international credibility which takes time. Even the Olympics 2000 for Sydney took 3 attempts and 9 years to win. Poland is now taking part in many international bids for world events, but these are rarely won on the first approach.

In Poland we have many highly skilled, young experts who can put us at the forefront on the world stage. We need to push forward with continued confidence and determination and not simply assume that the world already knows us in a sufficiently positive way.

Mark Krawczynski  gave examples of how big international events give credibility and huge marketing benefits as well as creating many jobs. This was the theme of the whole conference which he  supported also in informal discussions between the official sessions, giving past examples of financial and cultural successes in other parts of the world.

These lead to new, positive mid-sets being created locally and give an ever-growing international credibility to the host country. They will also create a positive and inspiring environment for young Poles to live and create successful careers for themselves in their own homeland.

Our country has already created a miracle by rebuilding Warsaw (the greatest architectural rebuilding project in the history of mankind – far eclipsing Hiroshima and Dresden) and the world now needs to know about our past successes and our potential for the future.