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Posted on Gru 5, 2018 by in Bez kategorii |


A Danish expert in Public Image building for North-Eastern European countries visited Poland at the end of November 2018. For a total of 5 days our Director Mark Krawczynski guided Leif Fritsdal and his wife around Warsaw and then also drove them around eastern Poland.

They also lectured together about image building and marketing techniques. Poland is still far too modest about its numerous achievements in technology, medicine and arts and culture. As well it has a complex and very rich history which is still unknown in many parts of the world. Very constructive cultural exchanges took place during the tours and the public image lectures.

During the tours Mark Krawczynski also took our guests to the much awarded Polin Museum in Warsaw as well as the Zamek Królewski, in order to present a wide and diversified picture of our nation’s growth thru the centuries. At the Zamek they also visited a very extensive exhibition to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of Polish Independence.