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Looking to the future in Villa Karisse – listings/ Planowane wydarzenia w 2014

Posted on Lut 26, 2014 by in Bez kategorii | 0 comments

1. Private tours by business investors, business institutions and local
and international diplomats each month.
On display will be over 50 original paintings and 15 sculptures by Polish and overseas
artists in the ongoing exhibition programme called "Through Each Other's
Eyes" which was started last year with art exchanges between Poland and
1A. Indywidualne tury dla dyplomatów, instytucji biznessowych,inwestorów.

2. Lectures, concerts and film showings dealing with specific art,
business and cultural issues. To be held in the 3 galleriess at VK and
the special screening room in "The Residence" building. Films will
include unique screenings of unique international productions such as
"Out of the Ashes - Warsaw Story", "Chopin and the Mazovian Region",
"Saga Rodów" and "Saving the Planet for Future generations".
2A. Wykłady,koncerty, pokazy filmów artystycznych.

3. Outdoor concerts and special, catered events focusing on the outdoor
music shell in the sculpture gardens for cultural, diplomatic and
business groups like Rotary, international embassies, artists unions,
and educational institutions.
3A Imprezy plenerowe w ogrodzie rzeżb.

4. Special exhibition in May 2014 by Erika Kiss, the wife of the
ex-Ambassador of Hungary. This event to be promoted by SHOM (Spouses of
Heads of Missions - International Embassies). It will be a very
exclusive display of original paintings, sculptures and individually
commissioned hand-made furniture. It is anticipated that over 25
Ambassadors and many business leaders will attend this very special event.
4A. Wyjatkowe wydarzenie w maju 2014 - wernisaz artystki węgierskiej.

5. Specially catered event and outdoor concert in June 2014 for over 250
members of Rotary Business Clubs and their families, including
swearing-in of Presidents and office-bearers and presentation of special

6. Exclusive 2 week live-in art exchange and workshop programme with
Irish and Polish artists conducted in the Studio building, The Residence
and the sculpture gardens at Villa Karisse. This is planned for August
2014 and will culminate in a special international exhibition and
concert where there will be elegant catering for over 250 business
leaders, art merchants and members of the diplomatic corps and many
international embassies.
6A.Warsztaty artystyczne w ramach wymiany artystów zagranicznych z Irlandii

 Mark Krawczynski
Director of Villa Karisse Art Gallery Complex
CEO of Foundation Polska Przyszlosc

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