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Our Foundation was represented by our President Mark Krawczynski at the special Rotary Conference in Cracow over 20-21 June 2014. Here the annual review of cultural and haritative activities by Rotary Clubs in Poland, Ukraine and Bialorus were discussed with the support of special guests from Sweden and the USA. Mr. Krawczynski made an emotional „thank you” speech expressing his gratitude to the Director of Rotary Ann-Brits Asebol for including the youngest Rotaracts in the proceedings. MK quoted in his speech the President-elect of Rotary International who said last week in Sydney at the World Rotary Convention, that your our young Rotary members were not only the future of Rotary but also represented the dynamic current energy present in our clubs because they were, right now, building the foundations for our future vision of the world.

Ann-Britt Asebol, who is also a member of the Swedish Parliament, was also instrumental in obtaining permission for Rotary Poland to become an independent district after a vote was passed successfully in Switzerland allowing Ukraine and Bialorus to form their own district. This will now give Poland a stronger independent identity on the world scene, as evidenced by Mark Krawczynski’s discussions in Hong Kong recenty with Asian Rotary leaders.

At the Cracow Rotary Conference there was also a special award presented by the Capitula of the Karsky Foundation to Rotary International for all their great work in helping the underpriviledged and in promoting truth and goodwill throughout the world.

Before the final Gala dinner in Cracow, our foundation President had to leave early to attend the special tri-city cultural evening which had been prepared in our Villa Karisse galleries and gardens for the Mayors of the cities of Izabelin (Mr. Witold Malarowski was co-host), the city Mery in France and Borken in Germany (see separate article). Over 100 international guests attended that special event in Villa Karisse.

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