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Foundation supports essay competition about Poland’s achievements

Posted on Maj 23, 2016 by in Bez kategorii |

 In Poland we have a habit of complaining and forgetting how much we have achieved and how good and full our lives are in terms of safety, culture, family relationships and personal comfort and contentment.

Our media focuses more on negatives, because they believe that tragedies and disasters sell ​more successfully​.

However depression and a lack of appreciation of one’s own world lead to many young people runnig away overseas in the false hope that just more money will provide ultimate happiness. Our Polish youth need to have a more balanced understanding of what brings real happinness and self-realisation.

Our Foundation was therefore proud to support an essay competition about the best features of Poland which was run in conjunction with the​ ​”Studenckie Koło Naukowe Spraw Zagranicznych​”​​ in Warsaw’s Academy of Economics​.

Of the dozen essays submitted, a short list of 6 was selected ​by the competition jurors ​
and our Foundation Director helped in choosing the winner​, the runner-up ​and the ​commendation awards.

This type of project will help to reduce the overseas brain drain of too many of our finely​-trained​ Polish​ graduates who should be living here with personal pride and satisfaction and together build an even better Poland – if only they dont get discouraged by our biased, depressing and destructive media.

We believe that this competition will help and create a more balanced view and a ​more positive​ ​mind-set​ in Poland ​ as well as providing inspiration and motivation for young people throughout the whole country. The winning entry will be published in a national magazine later this year.