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Our Foundation is proud to present two films about the Polish history, arts and culture. As co-producers and promoters of these two motion pictures, we fulfill our mission of promoting Polish culture overseas. The captivating stories have received highest praise on 4 continents over time since they were internationally released.

Private or public screenings of these two films can be organized with the foundation accompanied by conferences and presentations by our director Mark Krawczynski on the themes the films present with. Don’t hesitate to contact us should you wish to arrange a screening at your institution!


The film shows the rebuilding of Warsaw following the great tragedy which was WWI. It takes you through a very personal journey highlighting the struggles and the determination of the Polish spirit. It also includes a large dose of human drama and family history which brings it to a new level of personal experience, often lacking in other documentaries. At last the world might truly understand the spirit and the determination of the Polish nation.

„A spirit never dies.”

The subsequent rebuilding of the whole city of Warsaw (which is still going on today) was the biggest architectural project in the history of the world, involving more than 15,000 buildings. Without funds from the Marshall Plan nor proper equipment, the people of Warsaw re-built this city with their bare hands, which was a real miracle.

„From Australia to Poland with love.”

We wish here to thank the famous Australian producer Peter Beveridge, who fell in love with Warsaw and decided to create this emotional documentary film. The famous British actor Simon Callow – who starred in such famous films as “4 Weddings and a Funeral”, “Shakespeare in Love” and many others – also felt a strong bond with Warsaw after his earlier, emotional visits and he was very enthusiastic about adding unique drama to our film through his incredible voice. We want to also extend a special vote of thanks to our distinguished Polish co-producer, Maciej Skalski – who was nominated for an Oscar in Hollywood in 2010 for another one of his films, “Rabbit à la Berlin” – for bringing his energy and skills to our highly focused and intensive shooting programme in Warsaw.



Chopin cover

This time as well, Simon Callow unites with producer Peter Beveridge on an beautiful short film about Chopin and his beloved Warsaw, as part of the distinguished documentary series called „Classical Destinations”.

Throughout the history of music composers, very few seem to have been attached to their homeland like Frédéric Chopin was to his native Mazovia in Poland. The first years of his life before his forced departure at age 20 are actually a major element to understand the beauty and depth of his entire work.

First screened at the 2010 Shanghai Universal exposition, this short film offers a unique insight into the life of the Polish musician, through the Mazovian landscapes in which he grew up.

You can now experience a musical trip into some of Poland’s most picturesque places, as we follow Chopin where his true heart remained throughout his life.