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Film „Out of the Ashes” at „Kalinowe Serce”

Posted on Lut 6, 2015 by in Bez kategorii |

Our Foundation promotes Polish achievements to the local community in order to strengthen confidence and social identity.
The film „Out of the Ashes” about the biggest architectural project in the history of the world talks about how Polish people rebuilt 16,000 buildings in Warsaw with their bare hands after the devastation of the city during WWII. This giant rebuilding was done without funds from the Marshall Plan and without any modern equipment.
This was an achievement 4 times bigger than the rebuilding of Hiroshima and now many Poles themeselves dont even realise the scale of this amazing project. 
We hope the positive interpretation expressed in this film and our accompanying lecture will also filter through to the younger generation, who is bombarded with too many negative themese about Poland in our media. Polish youth are given too much of a glamorous image about life overseas which causes them to leave Poland with excessive expecations that success is easier outside of Poland. We hope that thru events such as this one, we can make everyone more appreciative of the good features of life and building success here in Poland.