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Event from June 2014 at Villa Karisse

After our  exhibition at Villa Karisse in June 2014, around the work of Erika Kiss and other artists, we wish here to present you her work and life as a prolific artist.

Below you will find a short and documented biography as well as pictures of her paintings, some of which will be shown at our next exhibition along with other ones. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information about Erika Kiss and the exhibition.


After a career as chief editor of a youth magazine until 1992, Erika Kiss dedicated herself to design foremoslty, by founding and directing a design company called Okker Muhely, where she was also chief interior designer; through this activity she found a way to develop and express her style in ways that influenced her later work.


As wife of the Hungarian ambassador to Poland, she had the occasion to show her talent as a designer and in an original way: by designing her own interior, starting from scratch. There again she was able to inject her strong artistic identity into an empty space, just like she also does on a white canvas, until shapes and colours are matching in her very own style.


Erika Kiss also stands as an inspired freelance designer, imagining objects with a strong identity and a delicate mixing of texture and materials.

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As well as through design, Erika Kiss also expresses herself as a painter of various forms of inspiration and expression. Here is a selection of some of her works, showing the wide range of her influences and of her production.

Sunbathers Breath! (part)  Mrs. Ilona  Giverny   Polish birch Kashubia