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Building cultural bridges

Posted on Mar 3, 2016 by in Bez kategorii |

The Chopin International Piano Competition which happens only once every 5 years, is probably the most important event in the world for young pianists.

The Director of our Foundation Mark Krawczynski was once a concert pianist himself and his favourite composer was Fryderyk Chopin.

He feels that Chopin is one of the strongest cultural icons for Poland. He is also convinced that this competition is the best way for our country to build cultural bridges with the world.

Last year the competition was won by a Korean pianist and our director feels that this indicates how revered is the music of Chopin in many other countries, including South Korea, China, Canada, USA and every country where classical music is appreciated.

Mark Krawczynski was very pleased to attend the opening of the exhibition of Polish photos to commemorate this last Chopin Competition in Warsaw, which featured the Korean lureate Seong-Jin Cho.

Such exhibitions strengthen our Polish image and cultural standing as well as building cultural bridges between Poland and the world.