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Posted on Sty 10, 2018 by in Bez kategorii |

Building for peace is now a favourite theme around the world. After hundreds of wars and devastation on an ever increasing scale, many leaders and nations are now holding conferences about peace building. The aim is to help develop a mentality of harmony and peaceful coexistence as well as rebuilding cities and societies which have been devastated by war.


Among these Poland is still an unsung hero of building for peace. However we should be an example for the world in this unique field. Our natural modesty as well as frequent historical isolation have prevented our successes from being widely publicized. Our capital city of Warsaw was the most devastated city in the history of mankind during WWII. Over 15,000 buildings were either totally destroyed or badly damaged and the loss of lives of 65% of all our citizens meant that our society needed to be almost totally resurrected as well. Warsaw’s devastation was nearly 4 times greater than the enormous losses in Hiroshima.


We subsequently rebuilt our capital city with our bare hands, with no equipment and no funds from the Marshall Plan. It was a real miracle. And then we rebuilt our society.Yet Polish people often remain unnoticed while other nations debate and struggle with the challenges of rebuilding for peace, so that they can gradually help other cities in places devastated by more recent wars, such as Syria, Ukraine, Lebanon, Afganistan and countless others in Africa and Asia.


Our young Poles should be more aware of our past successes and should be proudly promoting our engineering and sociological achievements so that we will be treated as equal partners in such endeavours to rebuild for peace. Overseas experts should hold conferences in Warsaw to learn how energetically and positively we have developed and so that our society can be more appreciated and respected.

The director of the Foundation Poland the Future spoke about the promotion of these issues on 4th January 2018 at the Warsaw Museum together with the Deputy Mayor of Warsaw Michal Olszewski. He will be guest speaker also in the city of Lodz on 22 March this year at a special conference titled „Made in Poland” as well as at an International Peace Conference in Coventry, Great Britain on 24th February.