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Bloomsday and art exhibition in the Villa Karrise

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Villa Karisse

ARTISTIC AND CULTURAL SUCCESS as Warsaw presents Bloomsday in Izabelin

In Izabelin last Saturday, Irish music, literature and cuisine were beautifully presented in the charming forest gardens and the 2 art galleries in the Villa Karisse complex. Artworks by 18 Polish and overseas artists served as a very rich background to the cultural presentations and the musical treats. The hosts Mark Krawczynski and Ewa and Kacper Nosarzewski together with the Voit of Izabelin, Mr. Witold Marakowski welcomed over 300 disitnguished guests who enjoyed marvelous culinary delights prepared by Arthur Cyronek’s catering company, while Macallo Trio entertained with their lively Irish musical renditions.

Among the distinguished guests was the Irish Ambassador, H.E. Eugene Hutchinson (honorary patron) with his charming wife Adele as well as the Ambassadors of Thailand, Chile, Peru, South Africa, New Zealand, Sri Lanka and Ecuador. There were also diplomatic representatives from France, Canada, Greece, Mexico and Pakistan as well as many distinguished artists, businessmen and representatives of cultural institutions from all over Warsaw and Podkowa Lesna and many other VIP’s.

The 2 short concerts were presented to the captivated audience from beneath a famous baldachimo inspired by the design of the famous Sydney Opera House. This was provided by Mark Krawczynski who is an Australian and Polish architect who supervised the rebuilding of the Sydney Opera House with 2 floors underwater. This very impressive baldachimo is desigend in the iconic red and yellow colours of the Council of Izabelin as well as the City of Warsaw. It is interesting to note that Mark Krawczynski’s father was one of the architects who worked on the rebuilding of Warsaw after WWII and Mark has recently produced a film about this project (the biggest architectural project in the history of the world which is on UNESCO’s heritage list). The film was made in English and Polish with the help of our own most distinguished Polish producer Maciej Skalsi. It is called “Out of the Ashes” (“Jak Feniks z Popiołów”) and will soon be specially presented at the new cultural centre in Izabelin.

Bloomsday in Villa Karisse focused on the literary work of James Joyce titled “Ulsysses” and 2 copies of the Polish translation of this huge book were provided by the Irish Embassy and presented to winners of a special raffle in between the 2 concerts.

A wonderful collection of 40 paintings and 15 sculptures were presented in the 2 art galleries and the informal parklands within the Villa Karisse complex. The shimmering afternoon sunlight thru the foliage above the seated audience was in itself like something out of an impressionist painting. While the guests enjoyed fine wines and the delights of Irish cuisine within this casual garden setting, there were  inspiring presentations from the stage by the well-informed Voit of Izabelin, Mr Witold Malarowski who also presented a beautiful bronze plaque to the host Mark Krawczynski, after which the Chairman of the Warsaw Chapter of the Polish Artists and Sculptors Union, Mr. Jacek Maślankiewicz also drew Mark Krawczynski into a bi-lingual debate about how to appreciate art and culture.

Culture and art were the real heroes of the afternoon and Izabelin was the focus of much debate about our very enjoyable Polish lifestyle and also about how both the Irish and Polish people have so much to show to the world in terms of cultural success without excess.

We look forward to many fine, future presentations and debating panels at the new Villa Karisse complex as well as at the Izabelin Cultural Centre. Many thanks to all those who helped and participated in this most elegant Bloomsday celebration and inauguration day at Villa Karisse.

VK LATEST UPDATE: Another unique event in 2 weeks time in Villa Karisse will be the arrival of the national master artist of Thailand Mr. Ajarn Nukoon for a 4 day visit. He will be staying in Izabelin and will paint Polish landscapes as part of a project called “Thru Each Other’s Eyes” which is intended to promote better cultural understanding between our 2 countries. On Sunday 30th June at 4pm there will be a special art auction of all the works of art at Villa Karisse and Mr Nukoon has just offered to provide one of his newly created Polish landscapes for this special auction.

Mr. Nukoon’s travel arrangements from Bangkok are being most kindly sponsored by the Thai Ambassador to Poland, H.E. Bansarn Bunnang.


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