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Between Thailand and Poland at Villa Karisse

Posted on Cze 16, 2014 by in Bez kategorii |

Another event in the continuing series of artistic exchanges and building of cultural bridges between countries, was held at the Villa Karisse on Synday night 15th June 2014.

In order to promote Poland’s cultural image and also to encourage better international understanding, a dinner and film presentation was organised by our Poland The Future Foundation, in collaboration with the Polish Artits Association (ZPAP), the Izabelin Council and the Embassy of Thailand. Official guests were 12 artists from Thailand and Poland who had spent the whole day painting Polish landscapes around Izabelin and the Kampinos National Wilderness Reserve and wetlands area. This was their second and larger event after last year’s inaugural joint workshop held at the Villa Karisse in the ongoing series of cultural activites initiated by our Foundation President Mark Krawczynski called „Thru Each Other’s Eyes”.

After official welcomes over dinner which was catered by the Izabelin Council inside our Studio building, the group relocated to the Residence where our Foundation President introduced a special screening of his film „Out of the Ashes – Warsaw Story” so that our overseas guests would get a better understanding of Polish culture and history.

The Wojt of Izabelin, Witold Malarowski and Directors of ZPAP gave welcoming speeches and Mark Krawczynski explained in his own speech the idea behind this series of „Thru Each Other’s Eyes” events which are intended, thru art and international understanding, to make the world a more peaceful and harmonious community.

At the conclusion of the evening a copy of the Warsaw film was presented by Mark Krawczynski as a commemorative gift to the leader of the group of Thai artists, Dr. Kamo Tassananchalee.

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