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Fundacja Polska Przyszłość pomaga w promocji polskiej kultury nie tylko u siebie w Villa Karisse.

Posted on Maj 14, 2014 by in Bez kategorii |


10Poland has many charming locations and cultural centres which are constantly improving. As The President of our Foundation said a few years ago, Poland will be equal to the best in Europe very shortly. Back then it seemd hard to belive, but now as visitors discover new locations many international guests confirm that we are not the same in style as the French or Italians but we certainly have a matching and unique style which is personal, elegant, delicate and uniquely Polish.

The only thing which we still need to increase is the amount of marketing and publicity which all these new places need to be easily appreciated by new visitors.

With this in mind, the President of the Poland the Future Foundation often takes new guests to some of these newly developed and unique, more out of the way places. The big cities are already well known for their cultural richness and cultural diversity, but Poland’s cultural experience works on many levels and this diversity and variation of scale is what makes our country so interesting.

On Sunday Mark Krawczynski visited the beautifully restored Senniki Centre Centre where a beautiful restoration of the whole complex was completed only last year. There is a Chopin Musuem and a wonderful concert salon in the beautiful old palace which is set in elegant gardens which are now in full bloom.

Our President brought, together with his artistic entourage, the wife of the Chilean Ambassador, Ms. Carmen Gallardo, to this charming place to view an exhibition by 2 Polish artists, Aneta Jazwinska and Grzegorz Kalinowski as well as attending a wonderful piano recital by Konrad Skolarski and a poetry reading by Justyna Sineczyłło. Everyone was delighted by the magical rendition of the music by Loillet and Chopin by maestro Skolarski. Mark Krawczynski was a pianist in his youth and found the Chopin interpretations here a beautiful example of how Chopin should really be played – truly romantic renditions without the obligatory rush which seems to overwhelm many overseas artists when playing Chopin.

Everyone was quite charmed by all the afternoon events and our Foundation strongly recommends this beautiful, newly restored venue for all visitors who have a few hours to spare. It emphasizes just how many smaller cultural gems exist all over this wonderful country.