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Presentation to the IWG at the Warsaw Marriott Hotel

Posted on Lut 24, 2020 by in Bez kategorii |

Presentation to the IWG at the Warsaw Marriott Hotel

Director of our foundation Mark Krawczynski presented a lecture about the renaissance o Polish culture and the rebuilding of Warsaw after WWII to the International Women’s Group.

A very active group of highly skilled international guests invited Mark Krawczynski to present a realistic overview of Poland’s latest developments in terms of cultural and business evolution. This was an expansion on the historical information presented by our Foundation’s Director in his film “Out of the Ashes – Warsaw Story” which he filmed in 2011 together with British actor Simon Callow, Australian Co-Producer Peter Beveridge and Polish Oscar nominee Maciej Skalski. This famous documentary tells the amazing story of the biggest architectural project in the history of the world which was the rebuilding of Warsaw after WWII after destruction 4 times bigger than Hiroshima.

This amazing story which is still relatively unknown to the world was the basis of a challenging lecture about changing a nation’s mindset from one of resentment and a sense of loss to one of feeling a sense of achievement and personal success. Australia and the Sydney Opera House were used as a comparison with a nation which had already achieved that metamorphosis.

The many Polish and international guests seemed most inspired with both the content of the presentation as well as the cultural challenges implied within these seemingly very distant comparisons.

So strong was the dynamic interest generated during this lecture and related  lengthy discussions that a follow up lecture to develop these ideas further is planned again for the near future.